Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 7

Poisoned my three-fifths of the vege garden with roundup today. As Nathan reminded me, we agreed that the short rows were his, and the long rows (the Southern 6m) were mine. Besides, he has a rebel tomato, which is surviving under his tomato frame amongst the weeds. I found it, because I saw the glow of a single red tomato (which was delicious), and there are two green ones. No planting for 7 days. Lots of weeding and digging to do when they die!

Am considering more zucchini seedlings.

Collected 590g of strawberries this evening.


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  1. A few days later he picked 5 tiny romas from two other hardy little weed-wrestlers. He gave those to me, too, enough for two bits of toast Ü