Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 31

  • I've abandoned the weeding lately. I do want to plant my onion seeds, but I think I'd rather buy a truckload of dirt and dump it on the garden! Besides, I want to make some built up beds like you see on gardening TV shows, but that still requires weeding first. Sigh!

  • I need a gardener. LOL.

  • The two zucchini seedlings that I transfered into the hexagarden got chomped until they were gone. I suspect snails, though I haven't seen any. I planted the remaining three in their place, and they're good so far. Starting to think it's a bit cool for them now, though. The mornings are getting frosty!

  • Picked another 450g of silverbeet and 180g of strawberries. There hasn't been enough heat to make as many strawberries this time, and we've also eaten a few for "picnics" without weighing them. Frankly, we've had more strawberries than we can eat. (Well, the kids could eat them, but three lots of nappies is bad enough without the Strawberry Effect!) .

  • P.S. Blogger is messing with my paragraphs. Again.

  • +$45.70

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