Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 13

Spent $8 at the supermarket on some pyrethrin spray. Tiny tiny bugs keep eating holes in some of the strawberries. They look like specks of dirt, but wriggley. Yuk.

Anyway, I picked another 640g of red strawberries: $12.80, because they're still $20 a kilo; I checked. Then I gave them a light spray on top.

Also have some seedlings popping up! I've seen a couple of shoots of each vege so far. Haven't checked the poisoned weeds yet, but hopefully they're dying down ;)



  1. You could use the prices on Aussie Farmers Direct, considering that then you could use the "if they were delivered to my door..." (which they are) rather than the "when I drive to Coles, they would cost me...""

    Love hearing how the veggie patch is going...

  2. It's a good idea, but I couldn't find any prices for individual fruits/veges, just 'packs'. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong spot. Anyway, I just compare them to Coles because Coles is where I'd get them if I didn't grow them.

    Must go empty the scraps into the compost and check on the poisonation progress ;)