Friday, March 4, 2011

March 5

Today, I divided the bag of seed starter (nice mulchy dirt) into the dishes, after putting two holes in the bottom of each, and planted (l to r) Silverbeet (6) Zucchini (3) Cauli (4) and Broc (4).

Here's the seedpack info:
Silverbeet: Seedlings by 14days, harvest 2-3 months. 300 seeds in the pack. Look like teeny shrunken heads about 2mm across. Plant 40cm apart.
Zucchini: Seedlings by 10 days, crop 8-10 weeks. 25 seeds, look like small pumpkin seeds. Plant 90cm apart.
Cauli: Seedlings by 28 days. Transplant when seeds are 10cm tall. Plant 60cm apart. 200 seeds.
Broc: Seedlings by 10 days. Plant 60cm apart. 50 seeds. Look just like cauliflower seeds.

Good to have this info, since all my cauliflower and broccoli seeds are mixed up in the plastic bag! But the broc will pop out first ;)

We (Byron, Jasmine and I) picked some silverbeet (800g) and strawberries (640g). I'll add the price to the running total when I check out what they're worth at the supermarket tomorrow. It would have been a little bit more in the strawberry department, if Jasmine didn't eat every single strawberry she picked!

Here is the hexagarden, made with a border of 6 railway sleepers that Nathan got me one year. The strawberries were planted two Summers ago, and we thought they'd all died under the weeds. But when I weeded it... surprise! That's why the harvest is getting added without subtracting the cost of the plants; I'm considering them free. Mum gave me the silver beet, so it's free, too.
And here is the vege patch. I 'stepped out' the measurements, and it's 5x10 meters. 50 square meters is a big enough garden for anyone, really, but it needs just a bit of work. I went to poison it while the kids were asleep, but couldn't find Nathan's poison-mixing watering can.

Here is the littlest, 1-year-old Zach, getting into an apple his big brother abandoned.

Silverbeet and strawberries for tea tonight!
Edit: Strawberries are $19.92 a kilo and silver beet is $6.12. So yesterday's harvest was worth
Running total: -$20.00


  1. More seed pack info: Zucchinis $1, Silverbeet $2.50, Cauliflower $3, Broccoli $4, Onion $1.50.

    Might need to know for May ;)

  2. Poisoned my side of the garden (it's the southern 6m, so 30 square meters). Left "Nathan's" side alone. He actually got one red tomato yesterday from a tough little survivor.