Sunday, November 27, 2011

November 28

Another 430g of broccoli (stems chopped off) to add. With the other 250g that's 680g, and at $3 a kilo, a mere $2-worth. But it's homegrown :)

The potato plants are becoming a forest. I might pick some tomorrow and see if any are big enough to eat yet. Got a few snow peas. The carrots haven't grown, and only one of the leeks has sprung up. Sigh. Think I'll have to invest in seedlings. The strawberries are flowering up, though.

licks lips


Friday, November 4, 2011

November 5

No sign of seedlings yet (though it's not long enough since I planted them, I suppose). Today we weeded seed pot one and two, and planted zucchini in 1 and pumpkin in 2. Four each.

Then I pulled the mulch off the top of Bed 3 (the north half) and planted 3 rows of carrots across it.

The potatoes are looking good, the caulis are looking good, and we picked off one of the broccolis. It weighed 400g, and when I cut off the stem part (that we probably wouldn't eat anyway) it was 250g. I'll have look up what it costs at Coles, and take it off the total later :)

There's so much silver beet that it's starting to look like a tree. Must eat some of it...