Friday, November 4, 2011

November 5

No sign of seedlings yet (though it's not long enough since I planted them, I suppose). Today we weeded seed pot one and two, and planted zucchini in 1 and pumpkin in 2. Four each.

Then I pulled the mulch off the top of Bed 3 (the north half) and planted 3 rows of carrots across it.

The potatoes are looking good, the caulis are looking good, and we picked off one of the broccolis. It weighed 400g, and when I cut off the stem part (that we probably wouldn't eat anyway) it was 250g. I'll have look up what it costs at Coles, and take it off the total later :)

There's so much silver beet that it's starting to look like a tree. Must eat some of it...

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