Friday, March 4, 2011

March, 2011

Welcome to the garden!

I decided that I'd record the progress of our 5-acre block, as it hopefully becomes something of a self-sufficiency paradise... lol! I can totally do it! I have no time schedule, as such; I'm just going to improve it bit by bit and see where it goes.

Details at the present:

Nathan and I (and three kids) live in Australia, in the cold, windy country near Ballarat. Our block is 5 acres of grass, divided into two paddocks. In the front we have a house, Nathan's shed, a garden shed, a bunch of baby trees (Nathan's) and a pile of mulch! In the back part we have a fenced vege patch (will look up dimensions later) full of weeds again, a hexagonal garden (fenced and mulched) containing about 20 strawberry plants and 1 silver beet, and 4 sheep named Barley, Daisy, Cocoa and Coffee. There are a few surviving fruit trees, a square garden of photinias (Nathan's area) and some wattles and gums (mine), but it is mostly open space.

A week or so ago I started a compost heap. So far it's just a pile of rotten food in one corner of the vege patch! I hope to get some good compost going, though, because the ground is very clay-rich. Tonight I bought a copy of "Your Garden: Autumn 2011"

...some seed packs (onion, cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini and silverbeet), 2 tubs for seedlings, some seedling mix, some weedkiller, and a cheap trowel to replace the one I bent the other day.

My plan is to plant a few seeds in the tubs tomorrow and poison the vege patch. Hopefully the children will have a nap at the same time!

We've had veges before, and have a watering system set up, as well as 4 short rows and 4 long ones and a tomato frame, and the dirt is getting 'wormy', but the veges were a disaster this year. Sigh. Hopefully some of the Autumn veges will do well.

:) $37.65 (didn't include magazine) spent. Will approximate value of any veges, and have a running total :)

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