Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 7

  • Yesterday, Matt and Kylie (bro, sil) came for tea, and to drop off a birthday pressie. In the end, though, it was more than "chocolate eggs and tupperware" for "tacos and chocolate pudding". We had a great trade, where we gave them a heap of stuff they wanted that was just cluttering our house, and they gave us a heater for Zach's room. Also, Matt told me they were trying to get rid of a pile of imperfect wood, so today, after some measuring and texts, he's setting aside a dozen for me, size 3000x200x75mm. Cheap wood... Woo hoo!

  • The vege patch is 5x10m, and my part is 5x6. So I'm thinking 4 rectangles to fit. 2.5m by 2.75 or something. Four vege beds is perfect!!

  • Thanks, Matt and Kylie!

  • We did a bit more weeding this morning, and I took a pocketful of little easter eggs. I scattered them, a few at a time, when Byron and Jasmine weren't looking, and they kept "finding" them while I was digging. hehehehe.

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