Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 11

A lone little potato plant, buried under all those weeds. We worked around it, as it has tried so hard to survive! Nathan knocked this up for me this morning! He measured and sawed and drilled while I dug over most of that end again to make sure it was flat-ish. Found the snake again when I was digging over the garden. I lifted him out with the fork and threw him over the fence (since all the kids were in the garden with me). But I decided, since he was determined to live with us, that he was going to get whacked. Sorry snake.
Doesn't that look great! All the sleepers cost me $60, and the bolts Nathan bought cost him about $30 for 30. These two beds are each 1500 x 3000, or about 4 square-meters each.
Nathan's going to make me another one to sit beside it, and a 3x1.5m one up this (North) end. Next job: fill with veges!




  1. It looks very nice. Can´t wait so see what you are going to plant. The little potato plant looks so hopeful! Lovely. good luck with your veggies.