Monday, December 26, 2011

Dec 27

Over this last month we've picked a few strawberries (270g in all, currently worth $3.80) and 75g of snowpeas.

Here's what's in the garden at the moment.

One zucchini plant and one tomato plant in bed 4, both with a bit of fruit.
One ?pumpkin plant and a few leeks in bed 2.
Tiny carrot seedlings in bed 3.
Lots of potato plants.
That's it.

That's it because the sheep (who have about 3 acres of grass to eat that is so long we had to pay to have it slashed) decided to break into the vege patch and eat everything they could. Coco even broke into the strawberry patch, jumping over the fence, and at the leaves off all the strawberry plants, leaving only this

 Stupid thistles that have started springing up.


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