Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 20

About 2 weeks ago Nathan finished off garden bed #5. There's a bit of weeding to do around the edges, and some grass is growing in the first 4, but the seedlings are mostly surviving. There's a bit of one cauliflower, both brox and all 4 silver beet.

Later today (it being half-past midnight right now) I'm going to the cattleyards again, for another load of manure. The 3rd and 4th garden beds are looking good. I dug them over the other day, and it's only still manurey in the middle. The worm population is about 20 worms psi! lol. Some of them are so fat. Lovely little worms.

Just have to watch Jasmine. She'd take every worm out of my garden if she could, and put them in a box under her bed ;)

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