Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 20

Still haven't gotten around to getting a photo.

I went out with the kids this morning, and dug over beds 1 and 2. The manure is oldest there, and it's practically dirt, beautiful and rich, and full of worms! Beds 3 and 4 have dried out a bit, but the manure is still fresh enough to smell manurey if you turn over a spadeful.

Tomorrow I plan to plant the caulis and brocs that have survived in the neglected seedling box. They may as well grow in bed 1, as planned, and we'll see how they go. I'll get some weedmat and mulch on it first, if I can buy some tonight. Lots of grass was growing in it (though it's all turned upside down now) and I even found some potatoes from long ago ;)

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